Digital Course Design

Digital Course Design is a drawing program for course designers for jumping, but is also very useful for horse driving (Obstacle Driving / “cones”). With DCD, you make your drawings exactly to scale, accurate down to the millimeter.
With the program, you measure the length of the course, and the minimum and maximum time will be calculated automatically.

DCD is as all other design programs used internationally, based on Microsoft Visio. This ensures easy exchange of drawings! With the help of the numerous capabilities of Microsoft Visio, we can use our own creativity to create a unique drawing!

DCD is composed by Frans Berings, (With thanks to Hector Loyola from Puerto Rico, international course designer and Visio expert.) who has more than 45 years of experience as a national course designer at KNHS (Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation), he is instructor and trainer of jumping horses and is Internationally certified Course Designer FEI 1.50 mtr

Digital Course Design is used by:
– National and international course designers worldwide
– Training for course designer KNHS (Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation)
– Equestrian training AOC De Groene Welle in Zwolle
– All members of the NVVP (Dutch Association of Course Designers)